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April 19, 2009

Improving Reading Speed – Why do I Read Slowly?

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Speed of reading depends on certain factors and improving reading speed can be achieved in different ways. To improve reading speed you must have the desire to improve as different speed reading techniques take some time to master. You will have to practice!

It may help to first have an understanding of why your speed rate is currently slow. There can be many reasons. Before continuing, ensure that your eyes are in a physically good condition. An individual may read slowly due to an undiagnosed eye problem. The assistance of eye glasses may be the answer. Otherwise, there are many things that we do out of habit that slow down our reading. A person may not read fast because he is used to reading slowly. This is the way he has always read. Fear that we are not understanding the writing will also cause you to deliberately read slower. An individual may read word-for-word, read out loud (even if it is in your head) and re-read information that has already been read. Trying to remember everything instead of only the important information is another reason why we may read slowly.

Once you have established negative habits, do some research into speed reading techniques that you can develop to help un-learn problem reading styles.

Your speed rate will depend on the type of material you are required to read. You may need to slow down for the entire article or for only parts of the article. Your purpose for reading will determine how fast you read. For general understanding you can rapidly skim or scan the information. Reading for enjoyment can be done fast or slow depending on your wishes. Analytical studies will take some time to grasp the concepts.

When you decide to increase reading speed make sure that you have sufficient desire to improve, a willingness to try new methods and the motivation to practice. It is also essential to have reasonable vocabulary and comprehension skills.

Improving your speed rate has many advantages. High school students and pre-college students will be able to comprehend much more of their work if they improve their skills. This is a good age to learn speed reading as they are able to easily absorb new ideas, and preparation for college is important. College students often need to read large amounts of information, so learning techniques can be essential. Speed reading in the work environment will save a lot of valuable time.

Have a plan of action to improve your reading speed. Determine your potential problems and decide which speed reading skills you are going to focus on. Practice on the type of material that you are going to have to read most often. Set aside some time each day to practice your new skills and you will be well on your way to success.


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